July 22th

Just to summon things up from the 20-21th July post, it was about how we went a place somewhere at the old city part of Stockholm, we where there and waited on the other who was late and in the end we went home without meeting them.

I just want to say that I did learn something from that trip, I learn where stuff are at like where the king castle or the harbor or where the train station in the old city. I learn that you should always have something with you when either you're waiting on someone for a long time. I also learn that you should be sleepy and hungry at the same time, especially in a train where it just teases you. 

Even thought I only spend one hour there, it was fun for the most part. Like when that comic store or that guy in the photo store. But what killed the trip for me was not that I never meat these guys before who I was going to meet, it was that they where late and made us wait for more than an hour. Even if my sister said that they were going to be prepared before the time she gave them.

The last thought about this is that I think we should do something similar like what we did on the 20th July, but this time with more people at our side and not late.

To summon: it was good, but it needs to improve.


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