July 20th

This day the plan was somewhat disappointing. If you don't understand why, then let me tell you about it.

Today supposed to be the day I and my sister went to meet some of her friends. I wasn't really excited about this; as a matter of fact I wasn't interested at all. Our trip was going to be from Vallentuna to Stockholm old city by train and subway. Then we should be with them for some hours until it 6 p.m. 

Sometime around 2 p.m. we went out of the apartment and took the 14:06 train to Stockholm. I was hungry before and got sleepy when I was on the train. I couldn't eat at that time so I tried to take a nap, but every time I tried I always woke up 10 seconds later because of my head leaning up or down. I couldn't try to not take a nap either because of that my eyes couldn't be up.

After an hour of suffering that I couldn't nap and was hungry, we were on the station and went down to metro. Things got better their when I wasn't tired; I actually got to pay attention on what song I was listening to.

We got on the metro to fruängen and went out in Stockholm old city. At first, we fought that our company where late, but when my sister text them, they said that they would get there in an hour because they. That was just great, not only where they not here, but they didn't even started yet. So we had to wait for them.

During the hour, we went to the shops around the place and look for stuff. My sister found a photo shop with cameras lenses and adepter. She found it funny how a guy who said that a camera accessory cost over 200 kr when on the net it cost 50 kr. I went to a comic book store where they not only sold comic book but mangas, bumb heads, t-shirts and other stuff. I would very much buy one but I didn't have much money.

The hunger really got to me later on, so I decided to go to the nearest seven eleven to by some food.


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