Hey there blogg. I have been having a crazy weaken. It first started when I we were going to by some food. It was middle of the day and it wasn't hot as it was foretold in the news cast in the other day. Me and my sister was in the town when we went inside the store to buy food. We were going to by some chocolate and chicken file, but unfortunately, there were no chicken file so we just about the chocolate and got to the next store there we were going to buy "skorpor".

When we were done buying stuff that we needed we went to our moms house to give her money, so that see could put it in my sisters bank account. It's complicated but my sister doesn't like the guy who is working for the bank and she doesn't want to see him.

After giving the money, we went back home to do something about our room. You see, when we were at mom's, we didn't just give her money, she gave us a map of how our room should look like so that he can be happy and all. So what we started to do was to move small object out of the room and put them on the ground or in the couth. We then cleaned the floor from dust and other things, after that was done we started to move the beds and the tv. It was hard first but went easier later on when we removed the cabals. We then had to move the big closet to the other side of the room, but easier said than done because it was so heavy that it didn't move how hard we tried. We found out that of we took some stuff out of the closet, it would be lighter and it should be able to move.

So we removed many stuff from the closet and it finally was able to move. My sister cleaned the floor again with a broom so that no dust was left on the floor. Then we decorated the corner and put new sheets on the bed.

Postat av: Rageguy

cool story bro

2011-07-30 @ 13:52:11
Postat av: Rageguy

cool story bro

2011-07-30 @ 13:52:19

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