Blog inlägget 3/6 2011

You don't know how to play the game.

Either Superman or Seiya in god suit

Your sig was too big so I shrink it


I see that you are over confidence for your own good.

Where's the aftermath?!

Your argument didn’t make any sense, you judge on how the fight went? Then we can just say that 19 > Cell for all that’s matter.

Oh sorry, didn't see you behind that helmet? :Ds

05:58 I guess Vegeta wanted to talk to Kenshin about something

Oh my dear mortal. He's

a troll, that's lives under the bridge. Ignore him and he will die.

How could you miss that plot point if you saw the movie 5 times last night?

Redx - Admiral RedDog
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Freddie Mercury - Major General
Rasen-blast - Sage of six planes
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Wolfenstein - Patrician

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IcySaya - Dark Ice
STATIC GOD/ Vongola King – The Dark Prince


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