Attention Hosrans!

Today, we are going to show those at MVC and Naruto forum who's one of the best Hokuto No Ken supporters in the planet! You have solid proof and you can back it up. It will be harder from now on when I debate against the best. I haft to think over my strategy and moves carefully. I don't want to go all out directly or they will win for sure. I most first play their game and use the safe stuff first, but if that doesn't work then you haft to explain it or show scans. Remember, you going to explain it good and not use any harsh curse words or they will think you are mad that you’re losing.

Remember not to use your own logic but with others, this should be more way for them to understand what you are saying. This could also be a perfect trap for them, if you compare that feats you have with something similar, the chance of you winning increases. But if they still refuse, then you got to say that if you disagree with my feats, then you are disagreeing that x is a y buster because they are similar.

Also, be kind to them. Both except and disagree with them in a very polite way. Say stuff like "I see that x is y like you said earlier, but I don't think that in character he would do this right away or without help from his friends" This is a good way to say that you are a good debater and can except stuff, not like other that just skip that and says the counter right away. This also makes the opposite side feel like they are feeling alright and can’t really be mad at me because I’m nice.

Hugs and kisses,



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