21 th july

Like I said, the hunger really got to me later on, so I decided to go to the nearest seven eleven to by some food.

When we went inside, it wasn't really much to choose from for me, sandwiches or salad. Lucky enough, there were a salad with bison meat and souse with. I order a large and it cost over 80 kr, I thought that it was expensive but I thought also that it would contain more much more. Unlikely for me, it wasn't really much, just a bigger box to put the food in.

After that we went to a place not far away to sit down and then I started to eat my food. It was still warm and it wasn't really bad when you having your coke to drink next to you. In the meantime, my sister was telling her problems to me. She told me about something had happened to her cousins and friends, and I was there to listen and discuss the problems with her. Then we just sat there and let the time passed by, well, at least for 6 minutes.

We went then back to the block where he were before and looked if there where anything else we were interested of. I went back to the Comic heaven store and saw if I missed anything, apparently I didn't. We then went to another store close to seven eleven which was a jeweler store, but we didn't spend much time there.

Then, after an hour has passed, we started to text them and ask where they were. They text us back saying that they were at king castle. But when we went there, they weren't there. So we went further to the harbor which is close to the castle, but then we got a message of them saying that they were at the park at the other side of the bridge. But at that time we didn't care anymore, we went home.


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