Whould you like me baby?

Hi, im Cooltaff12. And you might now me from other blogg post I have done, like that with images.
Future weapons are still not going to hurt him, he could tank a planet buster wave, master chief can't do that. A couple of bullets and he is down. You have lost, accept defeat now! :D Over 9000 raditzs to be more exact
You darn right! Kenshin should be a member here at MVC! Go to your nearest video game store and ask for help or go to Xbox.com and ask for help. You know, that toons have. Look at one of the waner brother’s cartoons and you will understand that they can pull anything out. They are gag-characters. Solaris solos and when did broly achieved SSJ2? O_o He is a good user, he knows what he is talking about and he like rurouni kenshin. So yeah, I say that he should do an account here and be a member.
Yeah, I want to also say that. But let me tell you something before I leave. Now that panel may have taken anywhere from 0 seconds to 30 minutes, we don’t know. Point is we don’t know the time, I personally believe it’s around 3-5 seconds but we’re going to set the time that panel took to the unknown variable.
Oh, but you shouldn't be angry because they spam you and said that FNS would lose in every thread. I had a thread once; it was about Kenshin and Guts. They all ways against me, I fought against them. I was telling them over and over that Kenshin was faster and more skilled than Guts and could dodge or counter attack him; I even posted proof that proved my statement. However, they still didn’t get it and in the end, I lost my temper.
Now, he moved fast enough that the ruler didn't notice that someone was holding and knotting the tips together and so fast that it didn't even look like the whip was stopped at all. A regular whip, cracked by a normal person can reach a speed of 744 meters per second (as recorded by the Ernst Mach Institute in Germany). Which is more than twice the speed of sound (almost reaching the speed of bullets of heavy machine guns).Mind you that a regular whip cracked like that can at best leave a bloody streak on you so the whips of the ruler must have moved a heck of a lot faster.


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