Hi there.

I'm going to post some random stuff about cupe cakes. Let's begin
Today at 07:00. I woke up after having a dream about cupe cakes. I don't remember everything in that dream but I remember eating cup cakes. So after I went out to of the bed, I went to the toilet because i had to pee. It felt good to realese it, I had it in my kidney all night.  I went then to the kitchen to put down the break fast (which wasn't cupe cakes *Sad face*) and then remember to put on my neckless and bring my whishing-rock. Then I ate my breakfast, it was decient like it have always been mine normal breakfast. I then put my plate on the dish and went to the hall to change my cloth. Why I was changing my cloth? It was because I had school today. So as I put on my cloth I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After that I went to the livingroom and watched tv until it was 07:40.
I went straight towards the buss station and waited 4 minutes for my buss. Meanwhile I waited, I picked up the newspapper and looked through it. I didn't read much except of the big headlines, because I was lazy. Then when the buss came, I put the newspapper down and went inside of it. I then turned my headset on and listen to music, the music came up randomly so that I could get surpised. But some times, it would turn into something not good or completely out.


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